BridgeInvest specializes in financing real estate transactions with limited or no cash flow and a value-add or construction component.

BridgeInvest focuses on situation-specific lending for commercial real estate projects that require short-duration loans. Our series of specialty credit funds offers our investors a defensive, uncorrelated fixed-income strategy with diversification across real estate asset classes. We maintain this strategy by taking a conservative basis on well-collateralized loans in primary markets throughout the Southeast US.
Our Investment Objectives

Capital Preservation

BridgeInvest’s successful capital preservation strategy is rooted in its rigorous underwriting and disciplined investment process with conservative loan-to- value, offering favorable downside protection across market cycles.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

Through its rigorous due diligence, BridgeInvest identifies inefficiencies in the mortgage market to generate consistently attractive returns with quarterly cash distributions across market cycles.

Alignment of Interests

BridgeInvest believes that a complete alignment with its investors is essential to our mutual success. In our funds, we invest alongside our investors and subordinate performance fees to investors’ full return on capital through realization.

Investment Platform

BridgeInvest Specialty Credit Funds utilize a vertically-integrated lending platform, a dedicated client services team and a broad originations network developed over twenty five years to efficiently deploy capital.