Lending Programs

BridgeInvest offers unique lending programs to help ensure that you meet your investment needs.

LendingProgram SpecialBridge

BridgeInvest’s Specialty Bridge Lending Program has been adding value to our borrower’s transactions for over 25 years. Our flagship program targets deals across the US with limited or no cash flow, customized terms and short execution windows.

BridgeInvest’s Transitional Bridge lending program is focused on providing fast, reliable Bridge Loans on cash flowing or near cash flowing assets.

BridgeInvest’s Construction Lending Program provides efficient financing for all commercial asset types across all stages of construction. Our flexible structure allows us to tailor a loan to your specific investment – whether it is complex ground-up construction or an opportunistic value-add project.

BridgeInvest’s Land Lending Program offers borrowers flexible, non-recourse financing for prime land acquisition throughout core markets in the US. Our program focuses on properties located in urban, in-fill locations with clear development potential.

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