The Real Deal: Trump presidency to have a positive impact on SoFla real estate investment

March 30, 2017

As Donald Trump inches closer to his 100th day in office, the pivotal moment most U.S. presidents are judged as to whether their agendas are moving forward, the commander-in-chief remains mired in a never-ending
storm of controversy.

Yet, having the New York billionaire developer at the country’s helm will only bode well for South Florida’s real estate market in the next four years, real estate panelists said on Wednesday.

“We have a pro-business, pro-development president,” said Scott Pryce, founder and managing partner at TRX Industrial USA. “Obviously that is good for our business. On the regulatory and tax side, the more he can accomplish, the better.”

Pryce joined Cornerstone Realty Advisors Managing Partner Jay Olander, Integra Investments principal Paulo Tavares de Melo and BridgeInvest Managing Partner Alex Horn in a discussion called “Real Estate Investment in the Trump Era” at Brickell City Centre’s East, Miami hotel. “If [Trump] is successful, and to what extent he is successful, will be good for all of us,” Pryce added.

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