South Florida Business Journal asked what makes BridgeInvest a best place to work, managing partner Alex Horn had a simple answer: “Our employees.”

March 20, 2023

A national private real estate lender focused on short-term financing, BridgeInvest features a flat organizational structure. Leaders encourage each employee to pursue personal development; there’s a 100% transparency policy; and everyone’s voice is heard, opinions matter, and all are taken into consideration in improving the company, Horn said.

The firm promotes cross-department communication, which fosters a “clear understanding that we must come together to achieve the company’s goals,” he said. Weekly meetings discuss every aspect of the company. The leadership team enables employees to think creatively and implement new policies or procedures to continue improving the company.

They also promote a culture of personal and career development for employees. Managers meet with staff every six months to provide actionable feedback and a growth path for that individual. More informally, each manager meets with their respective direct reports more frequently to provide guidance on how to develop their soft and technical skills.

The team connects beyond the boardroom. BridgeInvest hosts gatherings and social events, promoting a true balance between work and personal life. This deeper understanding of colleagues often translates into better workplace relationships.

“We believe that when one of us shines, we all shine,” Horn said. “This empowers employees to work more effectively, be fulfilled and strengthen core competencies.”

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