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BridgeInvest specializes in financing real estate transactions with limited or no cash flow and a value-add or construction component.

March 20, 2018

Curbed Atlanta: Midtown Condo Project

Juniper and 5th venture lands financing for one of Atlanta’s largest new condo communities in ages. Development wonks have argued for years that Atlanta is starved for condos, as opposed to apartments, and now a developer with a growing presence in the city is preparing to test that assertion in [...]

November 15, 2017

BridgeInvest Launches Construction Lending Program

Fast, Alternative Lending for Construction Has Arrived We are proud to announce a dedicated construction lending program designed to meet your financing needs and help capture timely market opportunities. BridgeInvest utilizes a fully-discretionary fund to provide bespoke, non-recourse financing for construction projects. We offer quick approvals and flexible terms. See [...]

November 1, 2016

BridgeInvest Launches Specialty Credit Private Equity Fund

BridgeInvest announces its first closing of the BridgeInvest Specialty Credit Private Equity Fund with initial capital commitments of $47 million. The discretionary fund will invest exclusively in short-term, first-mortgage loans secured by unique commercial and residential real estate assets in the Southeast US. The Fund’s investment strategy targets capital preservation [...]

October 15, 2015

Loans On Your Schedule, Not Ours

Why Having a Fixed Funding Date Matters In our regular meetings with potential borrowers, one of the points that we like to stress is the advantage of having a fixed funding date. As we outlined in our “Bridge Loan Basics” post, one of the key advantages of private financing, aside [...]

January 8, 2015

The Bridge Loan Basics

What is a bridge loan? What differentiates it from a traditional mortgage? Bridge loans are short-term loans often used as interim financing until a longer term solution becomes available to borrowers. Often referred to as hard money loans, these loans differ from a traditional mortgage in several ways, including: Duration. [...]

July 26, 2013

The “Unintended” Emergence of Private Lending

Where We are Now. Due to extensive efforts by U.S. banks to comply with both new international and domestic banking standards, we are seeing a rise in demand for private lending for situational loans, such as commercial bridge loans. Basel III—a global regulatory standard on bank capital requirements, leverage ratios, and liquidity [...]