BridgeInvest preps for growth amid CRE lending boom

August 4, 2023

Alex Horn and his team go where banks are unable to these days.

It’s a familiar story within the private credit industry. As banks pull out a new private credit lender dives in. This time it’s slightly different as BridgeInvest has been expanding its channels in what some believe (thanks to rising rates) to be an irredeemable asset class — commercial real estate.

BridgeInvest reviewed $23 billion of loans in all of 2022 and now has surpassed that volume of deals reviewed in the first half of this year. The loan requests are for sponsors that previously obtained financing from CMBS, regional banks as well as other traditional lenders but in today’s world are finding better solutions through BridgeInvest and other niche lenders.

In a recent interview with Alternatives Watch, Horn said that 67% of commercial real estate lending was done by small and regional banks, which thanks to rising interest rates have seen a steep decrease in capital on hand to lend.

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